Before You Start Looking For a Sugar Daddy

22 Sep

Know what you want first.

If you’re hurting for money right now, it’s easy to gloss over this step and just start hunting for anyone who’ll fulfill the role of a sugar daddy. And whereas this might work temporarily, it’s a terribly myopic strategy.

Answering these questions first will help you find the sugar daddy that will best complement your idea of an ideal sugar relationship.

Who are you?

What are you really good at? What do you hate doing? Why are your friends friends with you? Are you a great conversationalist? Are you encouraging? Are you bubbly, the life the party? Obviously, all these answers will help you determine the type of sugar daddy you should be seeking out. It’ll also help you recognize him when you find him.

Who do you get on well with?

What kind of people piss you off? What kind of people do you click with?  Look back at your past relations and think about which guys you got along the best with, the guys that made you the most comfortable. Pick out the individual qualities that made you feel a certain way. Be sure to look for these as you choose your sugar daddy.

Spend some time mulling over these questions, and don’t move on to the next step until you have a definitive grasp of the answers.

What are your insecurities?

Whatever they are, at some point in your sugar relationship, they will come up. So before you start searching, you need to understand which parts of you need the most protection. Focus your search on finding a sugar daddy who is least likely to affect your insecurities. At some point, you’re going to thank yourself you did.


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