Getting Started: Sugar Baby Essentials

25 Sep

What you need before you begin sugar dating.

  1. Research. Ignore the mass media and read some real live narrative blogs of current sugar babies.
  2. A pseudonym, a mock address, a mock place of work, mock alma mater: You can eventually tell your sugar daddy all these details (except maybe your address and/or place of work) but you shouldn’t share any of these things about you until the arrangement is settled and started.
  3. Google Voice or a Skype number: Google voice is free and allows you to direct calls to your real phone, but you can’t make outgoing calls and all callers know that it’s not your real number. At the same time, it’s great for blocking numbers.  A Skype on-line number is like $20 for 3 months and you pay additionally for outgoing calls, but it functions like an actual phone, you can keep its call record separate from your real phone, and is overall more convenient. You could also just get a burn phone, but it looks weird to be carrying around an extra phone that you never use in front of your friends. You can run Skype from your smart phone so no one has to know.
  4. A trusted friend or fellow sugar baby: Pick a responsible, dependable person and contact her whenever you are going on a sugar date. Let her know your meeting point, your date’s name and phone number.
  5. An outlet. Sugar life is fun but often frustrating. It’s also difficult to try and talk to friends about your lifestyle. Make sure you have a confidante that you could unload on, be it a shrink, a friend, or a blog.

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