How to Grow Natural Breasts

24 Nov

So, I’ve been on this kick to develop a curvier figure for a few months now. I’ve always been pretty satisfied with my body, but I want an AWESOME figure now.

What I have been doing is researching natural breast enhancement methods. I looked into several options for how to grow my breasts naturally and found 2 options.

One option is something called glandular therapy, which uses cow ovaries to introduce a sort of second puberty to my body. This sounded like a great option for me, since I’m almost POSITIVE that I missed out on a lot of growth during my puberty years. But, after reading more about it, I realized that I’m not a good candidate. My body temperature has always been low and I don’t think the pills will work for me.

So, I’ve decided to go with the other option – Pueraria Mirifica. It’s supposed to be a wonder plant of sorts. It supposedly has tons of phytoestrogenic content and because it’s a plant extract, I feel much safer taking it.

Well, I’ve ordered some and plan to start soon. Will keep this updated. Image


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