Into the Mind of a Fake Sugar Daddy


Ah, the fake sugar daddy. The most despised creature by all sugar babies around the world Well, it turns out he has a blog. And on it – he shares some of his most intimate secrets, basically a how-to guide for aspiring fake sugar daddies.

Here’s a snippet from the Fake Sugar Daddy:

I have a few rules for a Fake Sugar Daddy, these are to keep you safe(r) from blackmail, extremely awkward situations, and to ensure you have a great time!

A lot of the sugar daddy websites are already flooded with these fake sugar daddies using potential sugar babies for sex so the chances of you running into one during your search is pretty high. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with fake sugar daddies by doing a diligent check on his background – seriously, Google everything. In case you want a list of tips on keeping yourself safe from these con artists, this is one of the best articles I’ve found.

The gist of it is…do all the research you possibly can. And, as every successful sugar baby knows: nobody is your sugar daddy until you’ve gotten an allowance. If he behaves like one, demands anything of you, or even so much as expects anything – tell him to take a hike. He ain’t a sugar daddy ’til he’s giving you sugar.